Slavery Street Plaques

LBHRG have been working in conjunction with Liverpool City Council, National Museums Liverpool and the Kuumba Imani Millennium Centre to identify street names, statues, buildings and monuments that have a direct link to the slave economy. It has been agreed that plaques explaining the origin of each place will be erected. The first tranche of street names to be included are as follows:

Blackburne Place

Bold Street

Brooks Alley

Campbell Square

Cases Street

Clayton Square

Cleveland Square

Colquitt Street

Falkner Square

Falkner Street


Hardman Street

Houghton Street

Knight Street

Oldham Street

Parr Street

Renshaw Street

Seel Street

Sir Thomas Street

Slater Street

Tarleton Street

William Brown Street


The first Slavery Street plaque was installed in William Brown Street on 5th April 2022. The ceremony was officiated by Mayor Joanne Anderson, Michelle Charters – CEO of the Kuumba Imani Millennium Centre, Laurence Westgaph – Historian and Nasra Elliott, representing Kim Johnson – MP for Riverside.

The event was reported in the Liverpool Echo –