Established in 2019

Liverpool Black History Research Group (LBHRG) is a collective of community led researchers investigating and raising awareness of Liverpool’s long black presence. The important contribution of people of African descent to Liverpool’s development has gone largely unacknowledged and we are committed to revealing this forgotten history. 


Our logo

We adopted the Sankofa bird as a part of our logo, substituting it for one of the two Liver birds, which top the iconic Liver building on Liverpool’s waterfront. The Liver bird is widely accepted as the emblem of Liverpool. The Sankofa is a mythical creature that flies forwards, while looking backwards, with an egg (symbolising the future) in its mouth.  It is an Akan symbol of the people of modern day Ghana and is associated with a proverb ‘Sankofa w’onkyir’ which translates as “it is not wrong to go back for that which you have forgotten”

The group is led by local historian and PhD student, Laurence Westgaph. Its purpose is to share historical knowledge and offer instruction in research skills and techniques, providing learning, training and employment opportunities for the people of Liverpool. 

Liverpool Black History Research Group is registered as a not for profit business, based at the Kuumba Imani Millennium Centre.