Memorial to Pastor Daniels Ekarte

Pastor George Daniel Daniels Ekarte (known as Daniels Ekarte) was a minister and community activist. Originally from Nigeria he arrived in Liverpool around 1915, establishing the African Churches Mission in Hill Street, Toxteth in 1931. The mission served not only as a place of worship, but also provided a hostel and community facilities. This included a canteen providing cheap meals with free breakfasts for local children in addition to music and secondary school classes. The mission also helped directly in cases of financial hardship.

As an activist he supported a strike by African seamen demanding parity with their European colleagues on wages, living conditions and rations. He also advocated on the issue of ‘brown babies’ i.e. those fathered by African American servicemen stationed in Britain. Some were cared for at the mission when given up by their white mothers, marriage then being prohibited by the American Army.

Pastor Daniels died aged 67 in 1964, the same year the Mission was demolished by the City council. He was buried in an unmarked public grave.

In August 2023, LBHRG unveiled a memorial stone to commemorate the life of Pastor Daniels Ekarte – read more about the ceremony on this link

If you would like to know more about the life of Pastor Daniels Ekarte, there is a book available from all good independent book-shops – called ‘Pastor Daniels Ekarte and the African Churches Mission Liverpool 1931 – 1964’ by internationally renowned historian, educator and author Marika Sherwood. Please download the flyer below for more information